Business Case: ISPs & MSPs

Total Business Automation for IT Service Firms

Converging Technologies. Emerging Opportunities. As IaaS, ISP and MSP technologies continue to advance, Ubersmith maintains a unique position for delivering automation, provisioning and enhancements that are driving the future of the industry. Our integrations, scalable platform and established billing system will allow providers to launch new products while streamlining delivery of existing lines.

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"Support is friendly and knowledgeable -- a rare commodity in today's world. Keep up the fabulous work!"
- Brandon Hale, GigeNET
Ubersmith for ISPs and MSPs

We've all got a little data center in us

Hosting and IT Service Delivery Options For All Tiers

Don’t let our focus on infrastructure scare you. While it may evoke images of server racks and rooftop power generators, managing infrastructure has become the responsibility of everyone in the management chain.

Our billing, service management and device management tools form an essential business management suite for auxiliary hosting providers, ISVs, VARs and general IT solutions specialists.

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DTH VoIP Billing

Designed for telephony companies providing hosted PBXs and class 4 or class 5 service, our DTH integration brings CDR records into your invoicing, alongside your full range of hosting and IT services.

Robust Recurring & Subscription Billing Engine

As more traditional one-time services move to a recurring subscription model, leverage Ubersmith's modular framework to automate invoicing, provisioning and revenue collection.

Client Facing Portal with Complete Account Management

Whether you are reselling software, private cloud services or simply a mix of traditional IT services, your customers will instantly have access to a self-service portal.

Set custom permissions for your customer's staff to let them pay their bills, access the support helpdesk and manage the infrastructure you want them to.

Manage Multiple Brands From Within One Single Interface

Your organization has multiple faces and multiple requirements for each. Keep your staff within a single administrative interface while giving your distinct customers the unique brand experience they require.