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The foundation of the hosting industry since 2001

The Ubersmith platform delivers powerful device management, monitoring and automation tools integrated with a fully featured client relationship and support manager, and will provide a single centralized POV on your entire business.


Ubersmith DE 2.1.0 is now available!


Summer brings thoughts of cookouts, swimming, and enjoying the warmer weather. But for Team Ubersmith, it means that it's time to get to work on another great release of the galaxy's most advanced datacenter management and billing software! With dozens of new features and fixes, we're sure you'll be just as excited as we are with Ubersmith DE 2.1.0.

Power Management

Some of the new features you'll find in DE 2.1.0 better handling of power management in your datacenter. Ubersmith now more appropriately manages devices with multiple power supplies, such as massive blade hosts and storage arrays. You can now control power on, off, and reboot tasks for these devices with a single click.

With our new Power Management service module, you can automatically power down equipment that is not in use -- saving you money, and saving the environment. A little. We also now support several new APC PDUs, and have implemented SNMPv3 support for APC PDUs in general.

New Merchant Providers

Ubersmith DE 2.1 adds support for four new merchant providers;

Our Litle & Co. payment processor integration includes support for both credit card and ACH transactions. Start pressing that make money button today!

API 2.0

With the release of Ubersmith API 2.0, we've made integrating with Ubersmith even easier. Ubersmith DE 2.1.0 includes many updates and fixes to the initial API release, including updated documentation with output examples.

Future Development

Don't see the change or update you wanted in the list below? We want to hear from you! Please join the discussion at the Ubersmith Community -- we can't wait to hear your ideas for the next release of Ubersmith DE.


  • First Atlantic Commerce payment gateway integration
  • St. George's payment gateway support
  • Litle ACH and CC gateway Support
  • Added support for the BeanStream Credit card gateway.
  • Implement QuickBooks Class support for client services
  • Support Attachments larger than 16MB
  • Advanced search .csv file output better matches displayed output and includes key service details.
  • Clean up search support files
  • Option to specify user name added to password retrieval form.
  • Update VerePay URLs
  • Sync shared support files
  • Use ubersmith's built-in HTTP client to communicate with Solr
  • Forgot Password link better handles popup blockers
  • Add ability to process partial payments from the client interface
  • Improve syntax / field restrictions in Orbital gateway

Device Manager

  • Virtual Switch & PDU Modules
  • Power Management Service Module
  • Support rebooting multiple outlets simultaneously
  • Allow monitoring XenServer bandwidth from master node
  • Add SNMPv3 support for APC devices
  • Add support for APC AP9225
  • Add support for APC AP8841
  • Add support for APC AP8959
  • Device ID # now displayed in devices list and on device details page.
  • Allow the administrator to disable device module 'actions' on a per device basis
  • Support controlling multiple ports from PDU device module

Support Manager

  • Sender, subject and body related filters now run on tickets submitted through the client interface.
  • Make custom ticket fields editable from within the ticket
  • Total time spent on a ticket added to client interface ticket view header.

Client Manager

  • Add ability to reactivate client
  • Add "Will this be invoiced?" link to service details page
  • RWhois role support
  • Support retrieving OpenSRS domain details without end-user credentials
  • Implement pagination on client_devices.php
  • Backend code to generate service lists for a particular client has been optimized.
  • Tool tips added to invoices to indicate why each service was included at the time.
  • Display Service Event Log link after service deactivation.
  • Tiered Ticket Billing
  • Add an option to pro-rate or credit a service when it is edited mid-month

Order Manager

  • Service updated message in order manager now indicates which service was changed.

Reports and Stats

  • Updated the suspensions and cancellations report to only show outstanding line items.
  • Add report to list unassociated devices
  • Report to track revenue based on device location added.
  • 'Taxes Invoiced' report added.
  • 'Top Customers' report added.
  • Per-client support time report added.
  • Add report to list unassociated devices
  • 'Overdue Invoices' Report changed to 'Outstanding Invoices' and includes all unpaid invoices.

Setup & Admin

  • Allow admins to configure preferences for other admins
  • Expand Ticket Filter Actions
  • Paypal IPN setup instructions added to the payment processing options page.
  • The success message should tell you which user you deleted in setup & admin


  • Update API 2.0 Documentation
  • API call to list available VLANs
  • Add/update ticket related API functions now able to process historical records.
  • Add the ability to add non-staff responses to orders via the API
  • Support authentication in API 2.0 for hosts running PHP as a CGI
  • Add API function to merge tickets
  • Update api/2.0/uber_check_login to return user ID
  • client.service_module_call API method
  • Add attachment support to comment API script


  • Updating auto-suspend/cancel date in global report no longer links back to client specific one.
  • Smarter handling of multipart messages
  • The x-uberinst mail header has been updated to not be based solely off of the database name.
  • client_id and order_id not being checked properly in ticket_edit()
  • Permissions to add a lead to the sales manager have been fixed.
  • Increase maxlength HTML for PACKAGES.servtype and plans.code
  • Support searching for IPv6 IP addresses
  • Service started then edited and pre-billed will now properly renew.
  • OnApp usage billing integration now supports v2.1 of their software.
  • Use DOUBLE for database currency fields
  • Correct typo in HTML_QuickForm_spacer class
  • Correct typo in common.js.php
  • Suspended services no longer throw renewal errors.
  • Default prices for upgrade options now properly recorded on the first page of built in order forms.
  • Correct IPv6 related problems with IP Address Usage report
  • Ubersmith does not validate time values properly when time-tracking is required on a comment and/or response
  • Running upgrade script against database fails
  • Add ticket to opportunity feature fixed. Again.
  • AVS codes now stored for declined charges as well as successful ones.
  • Card details now properly sent to CIM when upgrading to Ubersmith v2.0+.
  • Correct issues with PayJunction payment gateway
  • Fix typo in Cybersource gateway
  • Bandwidth billing module does not show bandwidth graph for single device
  • XML-RPC client incorrectly handles http errors
  • Event trigger call properly implemented on successful retried or scheduled charge.
  • Fatal error screen now offers links to other pages in Ubersmith.
  • Mark payment popup no longer defaults to 'check' payment type.
  • Language based bug where clients were being set to brand_id=0 corrected.
  • Correct custom data display/selection issue
  • Country/Territory order form element type no longer lists each country twice.
  • Fix typo in eway gateway
  • Payment record made upon an account credit being edited now properly respects type of original credit.
  • Correct documentation for client.cc_add
  • Correct documentation for 'support.ticket_list'
  • Correct error reporting issues in payment gateways
  • Improve MySQL connection character setting
  • Correct issue with domain details lookup when 'adding' domain
  • Access issues with API tokens popup have been corrected.
  • Improve error checking when getting previous monitor state
  • "Call to a member function id() on a non-object" error in order form advanced editor.
  • Handle MySQL dropping support for TYPE keyword in CREATE TABLE syntax
  • 'acceptcvv2' setting not sent to payment gateway modules
  • Credit card logs updated to further obfuscate sensitive information.
  • Correct str2time output
  • Do not include deleted devices in bandwidth billing calculations
  • Correct issues with popup_lang and lang_id
  • Invoice PDFs don't show Cyrillic characters
  • Correct function call in Speedchex gateway
  • Correct undefined variable 'row' in class.ach_account.php
  • Service module event triggers no longer fire for disabled modules.
  • Sorting issue on Outstanding Invoices report corrected.
  • ##device_info## variable now properly replaced in bandwidth notification emails.
  • client_metadata_single.class.php now outputs proper value when passed custom field variable name.
  • Aged invoices report on client profile page no longer shows all outstanding invoices in total.
  • Cannot mass email clients with "0" services
  • Payments in invoice summary now more specifically labeled as 'Payments / Credits.'
  • device_module_call_aggregate incorrect validation
  • Upgrade to v2.1 erases support signature

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update 8/11/2011: Added link for Beanstream.

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