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Meet Rob, our new Director of Support


Welcome to Rob Kuczynski, our new Director of Support. In this newly-created role, Rob will be managing our support team and their overall processes, enabling Boo Van Alstyne, our VP of Products and Services, to devote more time to product strategy and operational innovation.

Dominique Archambault joins Ubersmith Team as CTO


Ubersmith is going exciting places. We wanted to share that Dominique Archambault is joining our Ubersmith team as Chief Technology Officer. Dom will be guiding product vision, strategy and development for us, particularly for our release of Ubersmith 4.0 – coming soon!

Announcing Ubersmith 3.2


The Ubersmith Team is proud to announce the release of version 3.2 today. With additional features for every module in Ubersmith, version 3.2 is designed to help you manage your business and support your customers more efficiently.

Ubersmith 3.2 Release Notes


Changelog for Ubersmith 3.2:


 Client Manager

    Add ability to view & edit Nameserver & contact/WHOIS information for Domain Registration

    Pro-rating of post-renew services

Kurt Daniel joins Ubersmith as General Manager


Ubersmith is growing. We wanted to share that Kurt Daniel is joining the Ubersmith team as General Manager. In this role, Kurt will lead our engineering, sales, marketing, business development, support and operations and be based out of our New York City office.  

URGENT: Required patch available for Ubersmith



The Ubersmith development team has determined that the file originally provided will not function properly for versions of Ubersmith older than 2.3.x.

If you have a 2.2 or older installation you need to patch, use this file:


The SHA256 hash for this file is:



Today, Ubersmith's development team discovered that the mechanism we use to enforce valid licensing tokens will cease to function on June 1st, 2014; this coming Sunday. Without the update described below, this issue will render your installation of Ubersmith inaccessible. This update is required for all Ubersmith versions.

Progress and New Additions!

Future Ubersmith DE Delivery Method
Future Ubersmith DE Delivery Method (Image courtesy NASA)

Ubersmith Released!

Ubersmith Released!

Team Ubersmith is happy to announce the release of Ubersmith, a maintenance release for our 2.2.0 version. This release includes enhancements and corrections since the 2.2.0 release, and is suggested for all Ubersmith users.


Ubersmith DE 2.1.0 is now available!


Summer brings thoughts of cookouts, swimming, and enjoying the warmer weather. But for Team Ubersmith, it means that it's time to get to work on another great release of the galaxy's most advanced datacenter management and billing software! With dozens of new features and fixes, we're sure you'll be just as excited as we are with Ubersmith DE 2.1.0.

Power Management

Ubersmith.com Redesign: It's not about us.

Ubersmith Blind Date

We've been developing the Ubersmith product for over 10 years straight, and it has a ton of features. We've implemented some pretty awesome things for a number of different niches, and in such a way that we've avoided cluttering the interface for those who dont need them.

Through past site incarnations, we've had feature pages that were a mile long, others anemically short, and nearly everything in between. It was about us, and we wanted to tell you as much as you were willing to listen to.