Ubersmith is lead by a group of pretty great guys, or at least we like to think so.

  • A picture of Mstyne

    Michael Styne

    Manager of DevOps

    Earning his stripes on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A at the tender age of 5, computing has been in Mike's blood from the very start. Proudly state educated with a BS in Computer Science, "mstyne" joined Team Ubersmith in 2003. Exploring new technology and simplifying complex tasks are what keep him coming back for more everyday.

  • A picture of Boo

    Boo Van Alstyne

    Manager of Business Analysis and Support

    An Ubersmith employee since its inception, Boo was the programmer responsible for the first version of what would become Ubersmith's billing engine. All told, he has 16 years of experience in technical support.

    Boo prides himself on being able to provide useful answers to all manner of questions in the shortest amount of time, leaving his clients glad they're using Ubersmith.

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