The Ubersmith team is growing!


If you have interest in joining the Ubersmith team, please reach out to one of us on LinkedIn or via our Contact Us section of our website.


Currently hiring for:

- Head / Director of Technology / CTO (open): Lead overall engineering for Ubersmith, beginning with an 8-person engineering team working with PHP and MySQL. Reports directly to the General Manager. NYC location preferred.

- Head of Marketing (filled): Lead overall marketing for Ubersmith including product marketing, demand generation, corporate marketing, PR and more. Reports directly to the General Manager. NYC location required.

- General Manager (filled): Lead the overall company including sales, marketing, business development, engineering, product management, support and more. Reports to the CEO of parent company. NYC location required.


If you do not see the ideal position for you above, we would like to hear from you anyway. Please reach out to us with your background and your preferred role. We look forward to hearing from you!



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